Perspective Choice Legacy Leadership Club Experience (LCXP) “Great Leader Creates Leaders”

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Being a leader is not easy. Many people are appointed as leaders but in fact cannot be role models and unable to form new leaders. That underlies the Leadership Club of the Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics Postgraduate program to organize Perspective Choice Legacy Leadership Club Experience (LCXP) training for the 10th Leadership Club (LC) members at Ubaya Training Center (UTC), themed “The Great Leader Creates Leaders” on Saturday & Sunday, 3rd-4thMarch 2018. This LCXP event is chaired by Adhika Putra Wicaksono as President of the 9th LC Generation and opened by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. as Head of Master of Accounting study program.


The Committee, X-Gen, Head of Master of Management and Head of Master of Accounting


On the first day, members of the 10th LC Generation (X-Gen) learned about “Mindfulness at Work” and meditation practice delivered by Dr. Sujoko Efferin. While, the material about Integrity-Creativity & Innovation presented by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman and continued with an outdoor mental challenge to train teamwork, cohesiveness, and strengthen mental of LC members. The goal is to make an X-Gen member ready to be led and ready to lead. In this activity, Pontjo helped to equip participants with life learning materials, interspersed with discussions about the importance of leadership. He stressed out that a good leader never stops learning and leadership is closely related to integrity.

Meditation session by Dr. Sujoko
Outbound Activity

The second day started with morning exercises and continued with two training sessions about Business Model Canvas by Dr. Putu Anom & Presentation Skill by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman. Participants also presented the results of their discussions. “Here, we learned a lot of positive things and valuable lessons that were not taught in the class. The material is also interesting, interactive as well as many life insights that we learned,” said Mitha Novia Widjaja, one of the LCXP participants. It is expected that the event can provide useful and valuable benefits to every LC member.


Good luck, the next future leaders, X-Generation!

One of the Teams is presenting

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