“EMPOWERING LIVES EVERY DAY” Perspective Choice Legacy XP – Leadership Club 8th Generation

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Participants are implementing creative presentation technique

On October 8th-9th, 2016, the 8th Leadership Club Generation organized the Perspective Choice Legacy XP Training for its members at Ubaya Training Centre (UTC) themed “Empowering Lives Every Day”. This theme was chosen because it is expected that all LC members can empower themselves and provide value to the organization, lectures, and their daily lives. Thus, the PCL XP participants’ personal qualities can give a better impact on the surrounding environment.

There were several sessions both indoor and outdoor delivered to equip the PCL XP participants with knowledge. Some of the materials include: FBE Value: Knowledge, Wisdom, Integrity; Creative Thinking; Outdoor Mental Challenge; How to implement a good project management; How to change diversification into unity; and How to create an interesting presentation.

Participants reached Post 2 at Mount Penanggungan

Chaired by Agung Putra Surya, this time, the PCL XP is held for the second time. In the indoor session, the PCL XP participants gained a lot of inspiration, insights, and methods in implementing more interesting and creative presentation techniques. The outdoor sessions were filled with rain along the tracking path to Mount Penanggungan until it reaches one of the stop points namely Post 2 followed by outbound activity in the Batu Pecah UTC area. This session encourages interaction among participants in learning to unite differences and work together in teams.

Based on the participants’ survey results, it can be concluded that the majority of the material presented is quite interesting, fun, and able to give an impression. Participants are able to know the other 8th LC members better and develop a sense of togetherness as well as closeness. Participants were impressed with the applicative briefing materials. “In general, the event is interesting and provide impressive understanding on cooperation,” said Anita Wongso as one of the PCL XP participants.

Participants enthusiastically doing the Outbound Games

The most interesting session for the participants was the outdoor session, followed by a presentation session, project management and reflection sessions (unity) through a movie. The outdoor session gives an interesting impression to participants as it was filled with rain. During the session, each participant was asked to observe objects that caught his/her attention along the tracking path, care for the safety and fellow participants. Reflection for participants who climbed the Mount Penanggungan is we must be daring to move forward, face the challenge, and never give up till reach the finish line.


Finally, the PCL XP event is considered successful and receives a good impression from the participants. In fact, in a relatively very short preparation, the committee was able to deliver the event with inspiring concepts and materials.

Group photo of PCL XP participants, committee, and speakers

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