“ENHANCE YOUR LEGACY” Perspective Choice Legacy XP – the 9th Leadership Club Generation

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Group photo with Participants, Committee and Speaker

On July 29-30th, 2017, the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Leadership Club (LC) held Perspective Choice Legacy XP (LCXP) training for the 9th LC Generation members at Ubaya Training Center (UTC) themed “Enhance Your Legacy”. This theme was chosen because it is expected that all LC members can further improve and develop self-awareness as a leader and solution maker for the sustainability of legacy that has been preserved by the previous generation.

Implementation of the solution maker concept as the foundation of legacy in an organization is expected to be the right combination to make the organizational process better. In addition, the program is structured to build a strong foundation for the unity of the hearts of the participants, unleash intelligence and skills, as well as develop and hone good characters of students.

This LCXP is the third implementation and chaired by Anita Wongso (The 8th LC President). This activity accommodates the skills required by participants for personal training such as the ability to solve problems by finding solutions and other soft skills to make each person better. This is carried out in the indoor and outdoor activities of LCXP. Some of the activities are: Networking and Communication Skill; LC as Solution Maker; Sharing ex-LC Board Member; Outbound; Reflection movie; Tracking; Fundamentals of Research; Business Model Canvas to design LC activities; and Enhance Your Legacy.

Outbound Activities that Emphasizes on Trust, Togetherness, and Strategy


It is expected that the participants can better know each other among the 9th LC members, develop a sense of togetherness and closeness. In addition, more familiar and closer to the alumni as a good networking base in the future. Participants were impressed with the applicable material. “By participating in this event, we will increase our knowledge as an LC member, and have more privilege, which is getting material that will not be obtained in class”, said Cynthia Ciptadi as one of LCXP participants.

One Group Presenting about Tracking


The most interesting sessions for LCXP participants were Networking & Communications Skill, Fundamentals of Research, and Reflection through a Movie. Participants argued that the importance of having extensive networking by maintaining good relationships with alumni and comprehensive communications skill can help participants in the real business world. A Fundamentals of research session is useful for participants because indirectly they began to get a picture of the direction of research in doing the thesis, moreover, participants are required to search data in an unusual way, that is by tracking a route around Mount Penanggungan to get ideas that are then presented.

LCXP participants do Tracking around Mount Penanggungan


Reflection using “Blind Side” Film session which was attractively delivered by Wiyono Pontjoharyo gave a special impression to the participants as he taught about the importance of empathy and kindness because by helping others, we will arise happiness or in other words happiness created by oneself, not by other people.

Hopefully, this LCXP activity can provide more benefits for LC members, 

Happy Working 9th LC Generation!

Wiyono Pontjoharyo delivered a Reflection through a movie session

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