The Master of Accounting (MAKSI) is one of the postgraduate programs under the Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics (Ubaya FBE) established under the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education No.1658/D/T/2006 as of May 8th, 2006. It began to accept first batch of students in 2007.


“Become a superior Accounting Master program that is committed to developing business leaders with holistic competence.”


To serve the business society through an inspiring and internationally recognized accounting learning process.

Differentiation as stated in the Ubaya FBE MAKSI study program Vision and Mission statement is the creation of excellences in forms of:

  1. Graduates who can be business leaders, wherever they work in the future;
  2. Accounting learning that enhances the student ability to think creatively and be innovative in solving problems independently (not just transferring the knowledge); and
  3. Instilling the ethics to students as a responsible global citizen.


For registration and further information,

please contact :

Program MM-Maksi Gedung pascasarjana Lt.2

Jl. Raya Kalirungkut, Surabaya.

Telp. : 031-2981190

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