The 9th LC Gathering with KPS and Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Alumni

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BPH LC8 bersama KPS Magister Manajemen Bapak Putu AnomAnom
The 8th LC BPH with Dr. Putu Anom (KPS of Master of Management program)

On Friday, May 12th, 2017 at the Ubaya FBE Auditorium, the 9th Leadership Club (LC) Generation held the event with the theme ” The 9th LC Gathering with KPS and Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Alumni”. This event aims to interweave networking as well as mingle and gather suggestions for the progress of LC. Chaired by Adhika Putra Wicaksono, the event invited the head of study programs (KPS), FAPUS, alumni, and the members. The event began with remarks from Anita Wongso (the 8th LC Generation President), followed by remarks from Dr. Putu Anom S.E., M.M., then by Aris Surya Putra S.E., M.Ak. (The 5th LC Generation president who also represents alumni). The event ended with the LC board handover ceremony from the 8th LC generation to the 9th LC generation and concluded with the 9th LC’s first meeting and group photo. 

The event started with the opening by the 8th LC President, Ms. Anita Wongso. She thanked the 8th LC Board Members (BPH) and members who have supported her during her leadership period and also expressed her hope, message, and the impression to the 9th LC to go ahead and give the best effort in the future BPH.

The next session is remarks from Dr. Putu Anom as KPS. He said that students should not only become the object of education that relies only on formal education, but the students also have to move as the subject of education in which the students participate in determining the direction of improvement especially in terms of educational infrastructure gained. He mentioned that LC will enable students to combine the knowledge gained with the formation of leadership and later be a role model leader in society. Therefore, on this occasion, students are expected to participate in the LC and enrich the inputs for education and once again thanks to the 8th LC Board & members who have worked hard and welcome to the 9th LC Board and member candidates.

The next speech was delivered by the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate alumni who are also the 5th LC President, Mr. Aris Surya Putra. He said that he used to be an FBE Postgraduate student who only wanted to study and say no to the organization. Initially, he thought if you participate on the LC, you would be stressed because you will have various tasks but over time this initial thinking slowly changed after knowing LC. He learned many things from the LC unexpectedly, not only knowledge but also soft-skills development as he participated in various competitions, establish relationships, and expand networking. As the previous LC President, he also advised that study and LC activity should be balanced, do not forget your thesis because of LC activities. This session concluded with joke and laughter that increasingly solve silence.

The next agenda is the LC BPH handover ceremony from the 8th LC generation to the 9th LC generation by KPS, FAPUS, alumni, and LC Members. The current 9th LC BPH consists of:

  • President: Adhika Putra Wicaksono (replacing Anita Wongso)
  • Internal Vice President: Bagus Kurniawan Sanyoto (replacing Reyzan I)
  • External Vice President: Cynthia Ciptadi (replacing Reyzan I)
  • Secretary: Maria Dafrosa Naru (replacing Priscilla Christmassy)
  • Treasurer: Klara Petra Theodora T (replacing Nelly Widiasih)
BPH LC9 bersama KPS
The 9th LC BPH and Dr. Putu Anom


Adhika Putra W. as the elected president expresses his gratitude for entrusting him as the 9th LC President for the period of May-October 2017. Adhika explains the 9th LC tagline “To9ther Beyond The Limits”, where the 9th LC wants to create a close family atmosphere that brings all close to each other but also to work together to achieve positive things and maximize potential across boundaries.

The next session is the first meeting led by the 9th LC President which discussed the direction of the committee and the upcoming work program such as seminars, workshops, Break the Fast Together, LCXP, BV, informal gathering, Adinurani, and the 9th LC big project. Some inputs and suggestions from KPS, alumni, and LC members on work programs are very constructive. The event concluded with a group photo and with all participants and friendly meeting.

Nadia Kartika Dewi, one of the gathering participants said, “The program was interesting, can strengthen the cohesiveness and networking of all of us including the LC members, alumni, and KPS. We can get closer to others as well as to be informed about the work plan of the 9th LC in the future.”

Group Photo after Event


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