Master Of Accounting Gathering Themed Accounting In Daily Life

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Sharing Session

The 9th Leadership Club (LC) Generation along with Master of Accounting (Maksi) lecturers held a Maksi Gathering event themed “Accounting in Daily Life” on Friday, July 14th, 2017. The event that is chaired by Norse Ardiansyah invited Maksi alumni, lecturers, and students to strengthen collegiality between alumni, lecturers, and active students as well as provide a variety of updated information about the Ubaya Maksi.

Once arrived in the gathering, all participants were served with various culinary. While, Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. as the Head of Maksi study program opened the event by informing latest news about the Ubaya Maksi. The event continued with sharing between the Maksi alumni, lecturers, and active students regarding their experiences during the study and after graduation as well as criticism and constructive suggestions to have better Ubaya Maksi in the future. The sharing session from alumni highlighted that skills or knowledge gained during the study are very useful in the real business world, such as the mindset and way of working, attitude in dealing with problems, decision making and way to nurture relationships.

There were so many alumni who share their experiences like Alex Kurniawan, Fabita, Kurniawan Sandi, Andy, Yohanes Santana, Evan and also David from Maksi 15.

Most of them shared about the knowledge gained from the Maksi course that is very useful in their workforce because it changes the mindset & way of working and can be used to deal with work problems, make the right decisions, and nurture a clear relation with others. 

Besides, good manners in the workplace are also very important, especially because Maksi students are prepared to occupy a top-level managerial position as said by Alex Kurniawan, a Maksi 15 alumnus. The sharing session also discussed the impression of Accountability and Spirituality in Business (ASB) subject that is unique and important in the workplace because it teaches about knowing yourself, others and the environment dismissing the ego (Spirituality). Thus, this subject needs to be continued and developed. Next, Kurniawan Sandi proposed about the concentration of taxation because this concentration is much needed and still rare in Surabaya. 

Next, Dr. Bonnie invited the alumni to continue communicating to share information through Whatsapp group that will be created. The next plan is to make Ubaya Maksi Alumni Association. Andy also suggested creating a group with a clear purpose so that in the future the alumni group can continue to exist with various agenda as well as useful information.

Participants who receive book vouchers


The next event was handed over to Dr. Dedhy Sulistiawan, S.E., M.Sc., Ak., CA. (Chairman of the Bachelor of Accounting study program) who invited alumni to share their knowledge by becoming a special permanent lecturer at the Ubaya FBE. 

Participants who are willing to share also received a voucher from Keluwih Bookstore sponsored by Alex Kurniawan. Keluwih Bookstore is a bookstore that is opened by Ubaya in partnership with Petra Togamas.

Furthermore, at the closing, Pontjo gave his message that we are brought together in Ubaya Maksi because God, so we should start from the needs of life and finally we have to think what we have given not just thinking about what we get. The event concluded with a group photo of both participants and the committee.

Group photo after the gathering

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