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The Seminar delivered by Mr. Johny Rusdianto

Sociopreneur is a thing which definitely we have often heard. “What is a sociopreneur? How to run it? These questions often arise in our minds.

On Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 at the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate students attended a Sociopreneur Business Seminar “Miracle for Kindness” organized by the 7th Leadership Club Generation which is the Ubaya FBE postgraduate student organization. 

The seminar was delivered by Drs.ec. H. Johny Rusdiyanto, MM as Secretary of Nurul Hayat Foundation and continued with a Question and Answer session moderated by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman as the Head of Master of Accounting (KPS Maksi) program. In accordance with the seminar title, Mr. Johny explained about the sociopreneur applied in the Nurul Hayat Foundation.

Nurul Hayat is a foundation that is engaged in social and da’wah. In 2004, Nurul Hayat committed not to use donor funds. “Then how to pay employees? Employee salaries are paid independently from the foundation’s business,” said Johny. “We create other businesses such as Aqiqoh, property, and others from where we can pay our employees,” continued MR. Johny. In 12 years, Nurul Hayat is able to become the largest Aqiqoh ​​company in Indonesia.

A great organization must have great human resources and be managed with the right management then the organization will be great. It is a good asset to develop Nurul Hayat.

The trigger of Nurul Hayat’s success is the formation of mindset where Nurul Hayat has a vision of “Working for God” so that no employee is corrupt. Another way that makes Nurul Hayat can be successful in its field is by using the concept of “Give and Take”. First, we give what we want and we will get more than what we give. For example, as done to the culinary team for Aqiqoh ​​where they are the key of this business. We pay umroh for them so that employees will be happy and even some want to devote themselves for life in the Nurul Hayat Foundation.

Question and Answer Session 

Nurul Hayat also applies the concept of “Mutual Benefit”, where the business should be mutually beneficial not only for the foundation only. For example the existence of “Creative team and its’ forum”, where employees who have ideas are entitled to present their ideas. If the idea is used by the foundation then the employee will get the royalty. There are many more activities that are conducted by Nurul Hayat for social purposes such as SAYANG (Shining Orphan Friends), IBUQU (Intensive Month of Al-Quran Teacher), FRIENDS (Maternity Benefit and Medication), and others.

“How can Nurul Hayat differ from similar foundations in marketing,” asked Richard as one of the seminar participants. “The main thing is to build trust first. That way can make a great organization by itself. How to build trust? For example with Customer Relationship Management. In Nurul Hayat, there are employees who only work calling donators on their birthday,” said Mr. Johny. In addition to improving trust, I influence their mindset, for example, by making a statement “Do you want aqiqoh, prayed by orphans, and guaranteed your health? Thus, please Aqiqoh ​​in our place.”


Certificate appreciation to Mr. Johny by Dr. Putu Anom as KPS Master of Management


This event is memorable for the participants seen from their enthusiasm on the Q & A session. “How was your impression of this seminar,” asked one of the committees to a participant. “This is the first time I’ve been paying attention to seminar from the beginning to the end of the session. The theme is interesting, with attractive delivery method and fun,” Ayu said as a seminar participant.

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