“Build Your Own E-Business, from “SME” to High-Tech Startup“ Seminar

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Certificate Appreciation by Dr. Putu Anom to Stanislaus

The 9th Leadership Club (LC) Generation organized a seminar entitled “Build Your Own E-Business, from ‘SME’ to High-Tech Startup” on Monday, June 12th, 2017. Chaired by Christopher Tjandra, the seminar invited a speaker namely Stanislaus MC Tandelilin (Co-Founder and Chief Operation Officer of Sale Stock). He shared his stories and experiences when pioneering Sale Stock and providing tips for people who are not confident in making a startup.

Before becoming a startup, initially Sale Stock was an SME. SME and startup are different in the sense that  SME still applies the traditional business concept, has a lot of assets, and also focuses on profit, while startup applies the digital concept, has fewer assets, and focuses more toward growth and ability to survive in the market.

He said there are 5 things to be considered to become a successful startup entrepreneur, namely mindset, unique selling point, growth hack, leverage, and system. The merchant mindset focuses on opportunities, short-term plans, self-employed, and profits, while businesspeople seek to solve problems, long-term plans, create systems and focus on assets.

The unique selling point is about whether our products can provide solutions to customer problems, what specialization of our product (whether cheaper or faster response), and who is our target market. Growth hack is a strategy to increase the number of visitors, the number of buyers (conversion), retention, until the referral, for example through FB ads and Instagram ads. At leverage points, we have can obtain assets from loans or from people (e.g. our friends) who want to invest with us. And the last is the system on how we can create or utilize software to minimize manual work to be automated, structured, and can be used as material analysis.

Sale Stock determines the “NOW” girls,” which they called sister, as their target market. They use Big Data to find out what items are most interested in people, for example, they sell certain suit model based on the number of views. Stanislaus also said the importance of making social media as a means to communicate with customers. He advised that to start a startup business, we “just do it” because if only thinking about the concept but not trying because the fear of failure, then all the plans are in vain.

The event was then closed with the handover of souvenirs and group photo with Dr. Putu Anom and the seminar participants. “This seminar opened my horizons about the development of the business world in general and business startup in particular,” said Mitha Novia Widjaja, one of the seminar participants. Thank you, Sale Stock.


Group Photo

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