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Certificate Appreciation to Ivy Kamadjaja as the speaker

On December 2nd, 2016, the Ubaya FBE postgraduate through the 8th Leadership Club generation organized a seminar titled “FUTURE CHALLENGE IN LOGISTIC INDUSTRY” delivered by Kamadjaja Logistics and supported by TruckMagz. The company was founded in 1968 as a UD Kamadjaja. For approximately 5 decades, this company continues to grow into Kamadjaja Group. The seminar, chaired by Roessiana Dwiki invited woman-preneur namely Deputy CEO Kamadjaja Logistics, Ivy Kamadjaja moderated by Dr. Dra. Amelia Santoso, M.T, who is the Ubaya Dean Faculty of Engineering.

Ivy explained various factors that will affect the logistics industry in the future and could become a worldwide logistic trend, such as the delivery of goods between countries (e.g. Amazon) using drones, Go-Box service delivery, Kargoku, driverless vehicle, self-driving vehicle, as well as automated guided vehicle in warehouse, where all warehousing activities are not being carried out by humans but by machines and robots. “There are three important things in the distribution of logistics namely the location, cost-effective, and productivity. If we miss one of them, then the logistics distribution process will not run well,” she said.

The seminar by Ivy Kamadjaja

Throughout the seminar, the participants looked very enthusiastic about the materials delivered by Ivy. In the Question and Answer session, the participants consisting of Ubaya internal and external looked very enthusiastic to ask. Participants who asked questions got a goody bag souvenir from Kamadjaja Logistics.

“The seminar was very interesting, informative and useful so that I can expand my horizons about the world of logistics and good also for those who work related to transportation,” expressed Bambang Hardjo as one of the participants. The same thing is also expressed by Cynthia Ciptadi, a student of Ubaya Master of Accounting and Maria Dafrosa Naru, a student of Ubaya Master of Management, who expressed that the seminar was very interesting because can open up their horizons related to the world of logistics, so as to increase their knowledge.

At the end of the seminar, Dr. Putu Anom (the Head of Master of Management) gave souvenir plaque and certificate to Ivy Kamadjaja, followed by a group photo session with Ivy.

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