Student Best Research’s “RED CARPET 2: LEARN, INVENT, INSPIRE!” Seminar “RED CARPET 2: LEARN, INVENT, INSPIRE!” Seminar Speakers

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Red Carpet Speakers Seminar 2: Learn, Discover, Inspire!

Student Best Research “Red Carpet 2” seminar was held again by Leadership Club as an Ubaya FBE postgraduate student organization. The seminar, chaired by Sidartha Hermin took place on Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at the Ubaya Postgraduate Auditorium is the last seminar of the 8th LC Generation. This seminar was held as a form of appreciation to the five students of Master of Management and Master of Accounting who get an “A” grade for their thesis and is expected to give inspiration to other students especially who are writing their research thesis. This seminar invited Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwarta, S.E., M.M. and Dr. Yie Ke Feliana, S.E., M.Com., CPA., Ak., CFP., CA. as reviewers.

This time, Red Carpet seminar brought the theme of Learn, Invent, and Inspire with the hope that participants can have more insight related to their thesis topic. Participants are expected to find interesting and creative topic ideas through this seminar by applying knowledge, wisdom and integrity principles that are in accordance with the Ubaya FBE principles. The seminar invited five students as speakers, namely Michael Saputra Prajugo (Master of Management), Nency (Master of Management), Rossyta Dewi (Master of Management), Alex Kurniawan (Master of Accounting), and Leona Ami (Master of Accounting). Each speaker shares their tips on research and overview of their final project work.

Rossyta Dewi, as the first speaker discussed “Influence of Online Store Image to Online Store Loyalty in Online Store Customers in Indonesia”. Nency as the second speaker discussed “the Celebrities Endorser Influence in Social Media (Instagram) on Brand Equity that Affects the Interest of Buying Honda Cars”. Furthermore, Leona Ami discussed “The Relationship Between Conservatism Level of the Acquisition Party and the Return Rate of Merger Acquisition Activities from the Perspective of the Acquisition”. Fourth, Michael Saputra Prajugo talked “The Antecedent and Green Brand Equity Impact on Programmable Fuel Injection-Technology based Honda Motorcycles in Surabaya. And lastly, Mr. Alex Kurniawan discussed his research on “Towards Spiritual-Based Great Corporate Governance (Case Study of PT Petra Togamas Sejahtera).

Group photo after the seminar


“This event is very useful because it can give an idea to the participants how the process of thesis work, both quantitative and qualitative research,” said Bagus Kurniawan (Class 51 MM student). The event was closed by certificate and souvenir appreciation to the speakers and a group photo.

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