“RED CARPET: LEARN, INVENT, INSPIRE!” Student Best Research Seminar

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Certificate appreciation to Tan Ta Hwe as one of the speakers

Saturday morning, September 10th, 2016, a week before the graduation ceremony is held especially for the Ubaya FBE postgraduate students who have completed their study, the LC (Leadership Club) held a Student Best Research Seminar as an appreciation for student who get an “ A” grade for their thesis research. This activity is conducted with a different concept from the same seminar that has been held by the 7th LC Generation as the Ubaya FBE postgraduate student organization. In the future, this activity will continue to be held every year to provide inspiration for students who will conduct research as the thesis.

This event was attended by Class 49, 50, 51 Master of Management students, Class 14,15,16 Master of Accounting students, and Drs. Ec. Sujoko Efferin, M.Com. (Hons) Ph.D., Dr. Erna Andajani, S.T., M.M., Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwarta, S.E., M.M., and Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak as reviewers.

This Red Carpet activity carries the value of Learn, Invent and Inspire. Value is a process that will be passed in conducting research thesis. Learning activity in the Ubaya FBE postgraduate is expected to encourage students to earn certain ability according to the concentration they choose. The emergence of new ideas as student creativity in the process of observation and experience is expected to enable them to write an interesting and new research. That will inspire and encourage students to have a spirit of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Integrity that is in accordance with the Ubaya FBE value.

Chaired by Ryan, the seminar took place from 10.00-11.45 with four speakers namely Tan Ta Hwe (Master of Accounting student), Christine Adi (Master of Management student), Freddy Julian (Master of Management student), and Ellen Rospitadewi (Master of Accounting student).

Tan Ta Hwe is explaining her research

In the first session, Tan Ta Hwe spoke about the Behavior-Based System Development Life Cycle Application for Accounting Information System at PT. “X”. According to her, the lack of negative behavior will support the development of Accounting Information Systems that runs well according to system development schedule. Followed by Christine Adi who talked about the International Diversification Portfolio. “Indonesian Investors formed the International Portfolio because it has better performance than Domestic Portfolio,” said Christin. Then, Julian Ferry talked about “Intraday Analysis of Winner and Loser stocks in Indonesia Stock Exchange”. And the last Elen Rospitadewi talked about “Mental Accounting and Happiness Search”.

The event concluded with certificate and souvenir appreciation to the speakers.

This event runs quite smoothly and memorable for the participants. “Overall, the seminar is useful with an interesting delivery method which inspires and motivates us in writing the thesis,” said Agung Surya.

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