Sharing Session at Widyatama

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On July 12, 2022, MM Widyatama, one of the MM programs with a superior accreditation predicate, invited the Indonesian Master of Management Study Program Alliance or better known as APMMI to discuss the Graduate Learning Outcomes (CPL) of the Indonesian Master of Management study program and the competency profile of MM graduates. At that time, three speakers were invited, namely Dr. Jemmy V Cofindo as SGM-Chairman of Telkom CorpU-ITDRI (Telkom Corporate University-Indonesia Telecommunication and Digital Research-CorpU-ITDRI); M Irwan Maulana as GM of PTPN VIII; and Dr. Werner R. Murhadi as the representative of APMMI from Ubaya.

Jemmy and Irwan conveyed the competencies expected by the industry for graduates of the MM study program in Indonesia, while Werner conveyed the minimum standard of CPL in knowledge and skills that APMMI had set.

Both the CPL of special knowledge and skills are minimum requirements that must exist in all Indonesian MM study programs so that MM study programs can develop additional CPLs that reflect their differentiation from similar MM study programs.

It is hoped that with the standard CPL, all graduates of the MM study program have the same minimum knowledge and skills throughout Indonesia.

Furthermore, it is hoped that with the co-opetition between the MM study program in Indonesia and the industrial business community, the relevance of graduates from the MM study program will be higher, thus impacting Indonesia’s economic development.

Figure 1. Participants of CPL and Competency Profile Discussion  
Figure 2. Token appreciation from the Vice Director of the Widyatama Graduate School, Dr. Deden Sutisna to Dr. Werner R. Murhadi.

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