Smart Service Management: Developing the Managerial and Technological Trends

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Saturday, June 18, 2022, the MM Ubaya Leadership Club once again invited a foreign speaker, namely Dr. Bireswar Dutta from Shih Chien University Taiwan, with Mr. Adi Prasetyo Tedjakusuma B.Bus., M.Com., SCM. as an academic responder in the webinar.

These days, management without technology is not enough; therefore, technology is needed to support it and how we build hospitality using smart service management. Currently, the world is in crisis mode, where we live in 2 periods before and after 2019; all lifestyles are different, and all countries have changed, not only in Europe and America but all countries have changed as a result of the pandemic.

Smart service is a digital service that reacts to data collected and analyzed based on intelligent and networked technical systems and platforms. In contrast to industrial 4.0 technology, which can only exist in one particular sector, smart services require cross-functional areas. We must improve all sub-industry, food industry, and local industry because hospitality combines several industries, so if we want to improve one, we have to improve other things as well.

There are three keywords: innovation, reorientation, and flexibility. Innovation is a logical process to inspire and create new innovative experiments that strategically impact your organization. Innovation is about providing better customer service, enhanced products, and a better customer experience than ever before. Reorientation generally results in improved customer service and product development that responds to customer desires and competitors’ strategic approaches. Flexibility, the emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to be flexible. However, there are some universal trends to follow to stay ahead as we continue our long journey through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finally, Dr. Bireswar Dutta conveyed several important points such as being creative and waiting for the right time, staying up to date about changes that occur (government regulations), changing technology rapidly, and developing a flexible philosophy.

Figure 1. Dr. Bireswar Dutta as a speaker and Adi Tedjakusuma as an academic responder
Figure 2. Webinar Participants

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