“Building Spectacular Business Through Transmedia Storytelling” Transmedia Business Strategy

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Rina Novita is presenting her material

A Semi talk show seminar held on Friday, May 13th, 2016 gave a new knowledge related to Transmedia business strategy. Organized by the 7th Leadership Club (LC), the semi talk show seminar entitled “Building Spectacular Business through Transmedia Storytelling”. The event was attended by Ubaya FBE Postgraduate students, as well as some of the Ubaya alumni and several external participants. The seminar was delivered by PT. DNA Production CEO, Rina Novita and then followed with a mini-discussion session moderated by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman as the Head of Master of Accounting Study Program.

In accordance with the seminar title, Rina explained about smart strategy carried out by PT. DNA Production to enter Indonesian animation market and how to achieve success in today’s market.


The lively atmosphere of the event
Token Presentation by Dr. Putu Anom to Mrs. Rina Novita


“We put ourselves as THE MOVER in the animation industry in Indonesia which means to be a specialist in moving and advancing existing products and dare to take risks and smart to look at opportunities, for example, how Upin-Ipin and BoBoiBoy that are not Indonesian-made animation can succeed in Indonesia. It is due to good and interesting animated contents and also the similar culture of children in Indonesia. The role of THE MOVER indeed makes this intangible product successful in Indonesia with smart strategy and smart marketing,” said PT. DNA CEO. Besides discussing strategies, Rina Novita also added a theory that matches with PT. DNA corporate identity, namely SAVE: S for Solutions, A to Access, V for Values, and E for Education as the four primary factors that really support Rina in developing her business.

The seminar was very interesting as demonstrated by the enthusiasm of the participants who asked questions. “How was the seminar?” asked one of the committees to one of the seminar participants after the event. “Very useful and interesting seminar because the two-way interaction was very interesting. We now know that the knowledge we learned in the university should be developed to meet market conditions in order for a company to grow and successfully achieve its goals,” said Hans as the seminar participant.

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