Stress Management: Against Work and College Life

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The Ubaya Postgraduate Leadership Club once again organized a webinar open to the public on Saturday, May 28, 2022, and delivered by the practitioner and psychologist Dr. Dra. Artiawati, M.App.Psych, Psychologist. Today, many students and workers are experiencing stress and need for “healing” on their social media status. Nevertheless, stress and how to deal with it need to be understood further. According to Dr. Artiawati, stress is a physical and psychological condition that is imbalanced in response to unexpected situations. Four reactions can cause someone to experience stress: physiological reactions, emotional reactions, behavioral reactions, and intellectual reactions. These four reactions can appear simultaneously or gradually in people who experience stress. Those who experience stress indicate that they are productive; in other words, those who do not experience stress in their life indicate that they are not productive. However, it should also be remembered that the stress condition experienced should not be excessive because if it is excessive, it can have a negative impact on a person. Three tips can be done to deal with stress: positive self-talk, relaxation, and time management. Positive self-talk is done by always instilling positive thoughts in us (positive thinking).

That is the summary of the webinar, so guys, keep your enthusiasm for work and study, and follow the tips that have been conveyed so that your work performance can be good, and your studies can go smoothly.

Figure 1. Dr. Dra. Artiawati, M.App.Psych, Psychologistas speaker and Dr. Werner R. Murhadi, SE, MM, CSA, CIB, CRP as moderator
Figure 2. All Webinar Participans

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