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alkshow Creativity Resurgence 1
Talk show session by Mr. Adhi and Mr. Kris moderated by Dr. Bonnie

Thursday, August 25th, 2016, the Ubaya FBE postgraduate students participated in a Business Talk show held by the 7th Leadership Club (LC) Generation themed “Creativity Resurgence – Anti Mainstream Strategy Innovation of Product and Branding in the Conceptual Era”. This talk show invited Mr. Kris Teguh as a motivator for toy collectors and Mr. Adhicipta Wirawan as an academic and gaming industry practitioner as resource persons.

In the talk show session, participants are given a picture of the importance of creative innovation in business because every product has a lifetime, then creative innovation is needed to boost sales of products that have entered a decline cycle.

Mr. Adhi explained the existence of a continuous cycle of innovation, “The cycle begins with ​​a new idea for product development based on customer research results. New products are not necessarily offered directly to the market, but require assurance will be accepted by the community, then the validation stage needs to be done to confirm whether the new product will be well received by the community.”

Mr. Adhi gave the example of the ‘Waroong Wars’ game board as one of the game boards where he participated in the making. The validation process in Waroong Wars involves the play-test process both internal and external. The validation process provides feedback that allows the game development team to update the game better before it is mass produced and offered to the market. The next process is the process of production or supply to the market and the evaluation process. The evaluation process is used for further product innovation.

Many people think that creativity is difficult to come up with and new ideas cannot just flow easily. So in this talk show, Mr. Adhi and Mr. Kris share tips to be able to bring up creative ideas. Mr. Kris Teguh said that a brilliant idea can arise if we are not in a depressed position and the key word is “Happy”. “Try to love everything we do, so we will not be depressed when we have to do it. When we do something happily, brilliant ideas will continue to flow by itself,” said Mr. Kris Teguh. While Mr. Adhi has different tips, he recommends “Trying another way”. Continuous routines can weaken creativity. Trying different ways of doing things makes us have a new perspective on what we always do. By having a new perspective, we will be more sensitive to new ideas or opportunities.

alkshow Creativity Resurgence 2
The  Q and A session by participants

123 participants were quite enthusiastic in following the event with many critical questions asked by participants. And through this event, it is expected the participants get a new and applicative knowledge in the business world.

“I can learn a lot about marketing science from this talk show. The topic was a bit too niche, I personally enjoy it so much,” said Evan Favian as one of the participants. Not only Evan, Mulyadi as one of the participants also revealed, “The talk show was good and quite unique. The material presented was inspiring enough to inspire the spirit of creativity in the business world.”

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