“FROM HOBBY TO MONEY, They Started“ Talkshow

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Para Pembicara dan Para dosen Universitas Surabaya

On February 19th, 2018, The X-Generation Leadership Club held an exciting talk show, titled “From Hobby to Money” located on the 6th floor of Ubaya PF building. Seen from the event title, this talk show discusses how a hobby can be fun and spend money but earn incomes as what the three invited speakers namely Raden Fajar Hadria Putra (Ghosty Comics Creator), Han Dewa (Gundam making business), and Larissa Liman (Cosplayer) did.

The event was opened by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. as the Head of Master of Accounting study program. In his opening remarks, he said that the event aims to support a course at the Ubaya postgraduate program namely Talentpreneurship and Business Planning (TPB). This event is also attended not only by Ubaya students but also general participants who are mostly from fans of the three speakers.

On the talk show, the three speakers shared their story about how their hobby can give incomes. For example Raden Fajar Hadria Putra, he loved drawing since junior high school around 2008. Then, he was inspired while playing cards and drawing on HVS paper using pencil, although the resulting picture was not very real. This ghosty comic would like to instill that every hobby needs a sacrifice. In fact, he was initially struggled to convince the market to buy his picture, started from the internal job to the making of merchandise. Then, he also said that people who play a role in life are his parents as his parents began to realize when people began to like the ghosty comic and saw the chance to expand it. “Success is if we can do something that we like and is an achievement for us,” said Raden who at that time earned income from loyalty.

While, Han Dewa who actually works as an accountant said that since childhood, his hobby is arts. He then continued to learn advertisement. Yet, he ultimately required learning calculating income tax (PPH) 21. Moreover, it happened that he studied and worked in the field of mining for 4 years. Then Han Dewa opened a culinary business that sells fried rice. That’s when he began to like Gundam where he initially bought one. According to Han Dewa, the most important persons in his life are families because we can do the work we like and can make money for children and wife. Success for Han is when he is able to give and receive and please ourselves and others. Currently, Han Dewa makes a Gundam assembly or modification workshop as his main job. Han Dewa makes gunpla and sells at a relatively expensive price depending on the grade of the Gundam.

The last speaker namely Larissa Liman has a hobby of drawing since kindergarten, then she was interested to be cosplayer because she can appear tomboy but also look attractive. According to Larissa, as a cosplayer, it is very important to build a brand image through appearance. She also asked her parents and friends for advice on how to build brand image and promote herself through social media. Currently, through her hobby, she earned a lot of money by selling merchandises and accepting a job as a jury of cosplayer competitions. Often, Larissa is also invited as an endorser of various products.

According to her, as a hobby, she has no stress in doing her job as a cosplayer. In fact, her parents and good friends are always there and support her when needed to share or exchange ideas. The meaning of success for her is to make parents happy, help and please others.


Pembicara dengan para peserta yang mendapatkan hadiah menarik dari sponsor


Various door prizes were given by sponsors namely Finna, Tabletoys, and Multitoys. The Ubaya postgraduate program expressed its gratitude for the fascinating knowledge learned through this talk show and had the opportunity to take pictures with the speakers who are in fact their idols.

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