“Semar is discussing with Gatotkaca: a Leadership Model in Business for Millennial” Talk show

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The ideal leadership is born from the thesis and anti-thesis of various groups or organizations in a normative dialectic frame so that the dialectics that occur do not cause social unrest (Suparjono, 2018). The dialectics between the thesis and the anti-thesis are designed in such a way to produce a harmonious dialectic of civilization. Able to create social order, a just and prosperous society, and problems that arise can be solved without violence (Suparjono, 2018).

However, the challenge is to create leaders in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which has now led to the Industrial Revolution 5.0. These days, wild ideas appear to help humans conquer more meaningful lives (Karinov, 2019). For this reason, an organization needs a revolutionary leader, that is, a leader who brings change to the progress of the organization. In addition to having a spirit of change, ready, and sensitive to conditions, a leader must have the initiative to make changes and improvements in the future (Aryanto, 2016). Local wisdom is a solution to the problems that arise related to leadership. Many local wisdom-based literacy discuss leadership issues and one of them is the Semar-style ideal leadership concept. The concept of ideal leadership style of Semar refers to the concepts of “Manunggaling Kawula Gusti” and “Punakawan“.

In this case, a leader in an organization must be a source of inspiration, have innovative ideas, and can contribute significantly in improving the welfare of society, strengthening local wisdom, preserving the environment, and creating global partnerships based on world peace. Thus, in order to learn the essence of leadership from the perspective of local wisdom, the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Leadership Club organized a Talk Show delivered by Prof. Drs.ec. Wibisono Hardjopranoto, M.S. and Is Yuniarto, S.Ds. This event was held with the aim to open insight about leadership in business that refers to the values ​​of local wisdom.

The first session by Prof. Wibisono explained that being a leader is to be a servant where Semar’s philosophy reflects a servant. Life is said to be meaningful when we are able to live together and benefit others and the environment. Semar has two opposites in its character but it can remain balanced, that is, there are good things and bad things and everything must be balanced. We can only see good when we know evil that is what is symbolic of wisdom. Life is not only to provide benefits for ourselves, but how can we provide “lights” for others, like a candle that sacrifices itself to light another candle. A civilized nation is a nation that is able to reflect civilization in national life. Semar’s philosophy in the real world means something in dialectics. Dialogue has the benefit of pervading and evaluating a value. Through the example of Semar puppet, we can learn wisdom to face the problems that exist in the world.

The second session, which was delivered by Is Yuniarto who is active in the comic media, stated that to make a comic, he must start from simple things such as making simple short comics. From a simple comic, we can learn and get feedback from readers and also realize that in our writing there are still weaknesses and must be improved continuously. In comic media, people will see images first more than the writing. This is in accordance with the characteristics of the millennial that prefer visuals in getting information and this is in line with the proverb “a picture said a thousand words”.



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