The Ubaya MM and MAKSI team won the 1st Place Winner in 7th Master Journey in Management

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The Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) Postgraduate team called “Blessing of GOD” that consists of Ruben Sanjaya (MM 45), Yan Christianto Setiawan (MAKSI 11), and Natalia Poespawijaya (MAKSI 11) successfully won the first place on the 7th Master Journey In Management” for the case study of State Gas Company (PGN). This prestigious national competition that is organized by the Faculty of Economics – University of Indonesia, Depok on 17 April 2014 is an annual barometer of the national business school postgraduate program quality because it’s participated by 100 teams nationwide. In 2012 and 2013, in the same competition, the Ubaya FBE team managed to win second place in a row.

04 April 2014 has been a special moment when the committee announced via email that the Blessing of GOD (BoG) team qualified as one of nine finalists in PGN case. The struggle is not over; they are given the opportunity to improve the paper and got some additional tasks from the committee. With a similar spirit, they did the tasks until a day before they departed to Jakarta. The Ubaya lecturers (Dr. SujokoEfferin, Dr. Putu Anom, Wiyono Pontjoharyo, Go Siang Chen, and Dr. Dudi Anandya) also well supported the team, where they spent 3 hours with the team for rehearsal.

On 15 April 2014, the BoG team went to Jakarta, accompanied by Ubaya lecturer, Dr. Werner R. Murhadi. With patience and high spirit, Dr. Werner guided the team in improving the data and making power point presentation. They said that “In our praying time and discussion at night before bed if we can win this, it will be a “Blessing” to us in accordance with our team name”.

17 April 2014 was a tense moment and is also valuable for the team because the final began on that day. Other finalists from the leading universities in Indonesia such as Universitas Gajah Mada, University of Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, PPM Management School, Binus Business School, Universitas Gunadarma, and Universitas Soegijapranata-Semarang performed very convincingly. After the presentation, a very positive response given by the jury. Even a jury who is an Indonesian media expert said “good presentation”. Some juries look pleased with our presentation and gave positive comments including Vice President of Strategic Planning Division of the National Gas Company (PGN).

16.45 was a thrilling moment as the winner was announced. The team was pressured considering the outstanding performance of another team. The BoG team can only pray and try to believe that whatever the outcome, everything is a God Gift that is given to them. As said by the team member, “Not because we deserve, everything comes from the Lord Jesus in accordance with this team name of Blessing of God.”

As told by the team members: “The METRO TV reporter firstly announced the 7th-9th position winners, and … the BoG is not said yet. We feel happy because at least we get in the big 6. Then the next sequence is the 4th-6th position, and turns out … the BoG team was not mentioned yet. Afterward, it continued to the top 3, the announcer slows down his pace to add the tension. After the 3rd winner announced, we were relieved because at least we can be a runner-up as last year. When it was announced that the 1st winner of 7th Master Journey in Management for Gas Company (PGN) case study is BoG team from Ubaya, the three team members directly pray to give thanks to God. Even when receiving the award from PGN Vice President and Deputy Director of BNI, the team still feels that they are dreaming.

“This moment is a really valuable experience that we will never forget. Not only the experience of the guidance and direction given by the supervisor when we solve the case study, or amazing experience when meeting with other participants.

Rather, most of all, we gained experience that nothing is impossible for God,” said one of the BoG team members. The BoG team’s journey on the Master Journey of Management is really a blessing from both academic and spiritual experience. The team concluded the interview by saying: “In the end, according to the name of our team, the Blessing of God Team, we always believe in one thing…Our history is HIS Story!

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