Ubaya Postgraduate Alumni Gathering via Social Service

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Symbolic Donation Handover to SMPK Santo Yusuf

On Sunday, January 28th, 2018 the Ubaya Postgraduate alumni gathered together to conduct a social action to SMPK  Santo Yusuf in Bangkalan Madura. In this event, the alumni from various concentrations and academic years seemed to gather and enliven the library field since 6 am. The event is organized by the Ubaya Faculty of Law postgraduate students with the spirit and professional. And it is a pride for us, as a representative of the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Leadership Club to participate and be invited to attend this event.

Upon arrival at SMPK Santo Yusuf, we were warmly and friendly greeted with traditional and modern dances and songs that entertained us all. The event continued with remarks from the head of the event committee from the Ubaya Master of Notary that was continued with remarks from SMPK Santo Yusuf Principal. It then proceeded with symbolic donation handover from the Ubaya Postgraduate alumni, represented by Maraja (the head of the event committee from the Master of Notary program) to the school represented by Sister Etta. The donation is in the form of fifteen units of computers required by the school as one of the requirements to conduct the national exam. In addition, assistance is also provided in the form of coaching both to students and school teachers.

As part of the Ubaya Postgraduate program, we are proud to witness the unity of the alumni who support the implementation of this social service. The alumni of both old and young are so united and passionate to inspire us. Hopefully, every donation given by the alumni and the committee will provide benefits to the recipients and hopefully 

they remain healthy and always successful!

Group photo of Ubaya Alumni and Organizing Committee from Ubaya Master of Notary
Computer Lab Room with new computers
The FBE Leadership Club Representative with Alumni

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