The 2021 Advisory Board Meeting for a Better MM Ubaya

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Thursday, 25 February 2021, MM Ubaya once again held an advisory board meeting. This time it was attended by all FBE management team and the advisory board, consisting of Soegijo Lee, Thomas Moore, Prof. Dr. Buana Maruf, Dr. Susan Sutejo, Dr. Putu Anom, Dr. Dudi Anandya, and Dr. Werner R. Murhadi.

The advisory board, consisting of business practitioners and stakeholders, provides input and suggestions to the MM Ubaya study program to develop the curriculum better. In this meeting, the advisory board agreed on the importance of balancing case studies and a good understanding of the theory to increase horizons and knowledge for the MM Ubaya alumni. The advisory board also supports the use of technology for distance/online learning, and it is hoped that MM Ubaya will soon have a Distance Learning Program. Finally, the board also hopes that the continuous improvement process will continue at MM Ubaya so that it can play a role in educating the nation’s life.


Figure 1. Advisory Board meeting using Zoom
Figure 2. The FBE Ubaya management team and advisory board
Figure 3. Message from Dr. Susan Sutejo (Advisory Board Member)

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