The Ubaya FBE Master of Management-Master of Accounting Students are The Runner-Up at Business Case Study National Competition held by Universitas Indonesia

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The Ubaya FBE Master of Management-Master of Accounting team that consists of Lionardus Ruslim (MAKSI 7), Yudi Surya Tanjung (MM 42), and Andi Febrico Bintoro (MAKSI 8) won the runner-up on The 5th Master Journey in Management National Competition that uses the business case of PT. Pos Indonesia.  The event is organized by Universitas Indonesia in collaboration with Indonesia Business Daily, PT. Pos Indonesia, Perum Peruri, BCA, and some others.

Took place on May 16th, 2012 at the Universitas Indonesia Faculty of Economics, Depok, the competition is participated by 80 postgraduate student teams nationwide. On that day, 42 teams were selected to advance from the first round and 8 finalists to present the results of their business solutions in front of 12 juries consisting of academics, business executives, and leaders of the leading mass media.

A day before the final round, all the finalists were invited to the company visit session to Perum Peruri and PT. Pos Indonesia aims to understand the real conditions of the company. After the visit, the finalists are allowed to change their presentation based on the real condition of the company. Presentation session was quite tough due to a limited time available and the Question and Answers (Q & A) session from the juries who asked many critical questions.

The Ubaya Queen Bee team that previously was ranked fifth successfully entered the second position in the presentation session. The awards were presented by Dahlan Iskan as Minister of State Owned Enterprises and Sukatmo Padmosukarso SE, MBA. as PT. Pos Indonesia Vice Director.

Below are the winners of The 5th Master Journey in Management Competition:

  • 1stWinner: Universitas Gajah Mada
  • 2nd Winner: The University of Surabaya
  • 3rdWinner: PPM
  • 4thWinner: PPIM – Universitas Indonesia
  • 5thWinner: Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • 6thWinner: MM – Universitas Indonesia

All Ubaya Academic Civitas congratulate Lio, Yudi, and Andi towards this remarkable achievement. Hope this achievement can encourage the MM and MAKSI performance in recording other achievements on the national and international competitions in the future. (Saturday, May 19th, 2012)

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