Ubaya MAKSI and MM team Once Again won the Second Position in the National Business Competition

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The Ubaya MAKSI and MM team once again won the national business case competition in Master Journey of Management, Universitas Indonesia (UI MJM) on April 25th, 2013. The team named The Winner Team that consists of Rika Angelina (MAKSI 9), Ishak Hendradiarta ( MAKSI 9), and Andi Saputra (MM 44) is supervised by Dr. Werner Ria Murhadi. The team is also the only team from East Java to qualify for the top 8 of about 50 business postgraduate programs from all over Indonesia.

The focus of the business case is from JNE document delivery company. In the final round, The Ubaya team must deliver a presentation in front of 10 juries including founders of JNE and his operational director, and 8 academic juries. Critical questions need to be answered by the finalists to maintain a pre-defined strategy recommendation.

The 2nd winner achieved is a repetition of the achievements of the same competition held in 2012. The winner of this year’s competition is UGM, the second winner is Ubaya, and the third winner is Universitas Atma Jaya. Besides prize money of 6 million from the committee as the second winner, it turns out more luck also accompanies two members from our team who get a door prize of mutual fund products from the event sponsor. Fatigue and struggle for the preparation are paid off in full. This simultaneously demonstrates the consistent strength of the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate program. Viva Ubaya MAKSI and MM!


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