“Triumph the New Normal” Webinar

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Since the end of 2019, the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, known as Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), has attacked the world and affected many sectors of human life, including the economic sector. The world was forced to adapt to this pandemic condition and began to apply the concept of life known as the “New Normal” concept, which is carrying out life processes as before the pandemic occurred but with adjustments to health protocols. The new normal concept creates new habit patterns in society that require business people to develop strategies so they can rise from adversity and face the new normal.

Responding to the adaptation process, the Leadership Club (LC) Postgraduate of the Ubaya  Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) was inspired to organize a webinar activity titled “Triumph the New Normal – a strategy to survive & revive in new normal age” as a forum for society or business people who are interested in understanding strategies in dealing with all uncertainties in the new normal.

Mr. Benny Muliawan

This webinar activity was held on October 3, 2020, at 3-4.45 pm  WIB and opened by the Dean of the Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics, Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha. The webinar began with the introduction of the speaker profile, namely Mr. Benny Muliawan as Director of PT. Indah Golden Signature and PT. BNL Patent, and the moderator, namely Dr. Werner Ria Murhadi, S. E., M. M., CSA as an FBE lecturer and Head of the UBAYA FBE Master of Management study program. In his presentation, Mr. Benny’s discussed important points to survive and revive in this new normal period, namely never feel inferior to the business we are currently doing, work with focus, gain trust from the public, build a brand yourself ( even under personal names), and innovative and ready to take on challenges.

“Triumph the New Normal” Webinar

Moreover, Mr. Benny also gave some tips such as:

  • Business anticipated – finding out if the problem at hand can be turned into a business  opportunity worth trying
  • Compliance – comply with all applicable laws
  • Lean Human Resources (HR) and use more technology
  • Taking shadow kicks, namely the company’s prudence in seeing an opportunity to  collaborate with other parties with similar interests
“Triumph the New Normal” Webinar

In the question-and-answer session, there were questions about the revival of the market which was then responded by Mr. Benny, that if we are able to survive in 2020, then based on the prediction of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) there would be a boom in the economy in 2021. Furthermore, Mr. Benny emphasized the importance of business to innovate in order to turn existing problems into profitable opportunities for business. For example, a clothing manufacturing company, during the new normal period, may change direction, which usually produces clothes such as shirts and pants, now may produce cloth masks which are critical for activities during the new normal period. Mr. Benny also added that there are always opportunities, depending on whether the business can take advantage of these opportunities or not.

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