TRUE COLOR: Be Kind And Purpose Driven Person

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Group photo of Adinurani 2016 participants

In accordance with the name “Ajar Budi Asah Nurani– Adinurani (i.e. Teach value and Sharpen Conscience)”, this event is an information session about social values ​​to new postgraduate students to build a strong foundation for the unity of the participants, and give an overview to the students about the course that they would have in the future. Adinurani that was firstly proposed by Drs. Wiyono Pontjoharyo, M.M., Ak., CMA. is a compulsory activity for Ubaya postgraduate students. This time, the event took place on January 30th-31st, 2016 at Ubaya Campus III (UTC, Trawas) with the theme “True Color: Be Kind and Purpose Driven Person”.

Understanding self-identity only is not enough to achieve success as people need adaptability and ability to manage job orientation. Adaptability here means “be kind” to the people around us, like in the campus, work, and social. We should not just take everything that exists around us, but also should share with the environment, in the form of time, knowledge, and material. So we are expected to grow into professionals who are not selfish and individualistic, but professionals whom are sensitive and care towards the environment.

In addition, students are expected to be “purpose driven person”. We will never achieve the target if we do not know the direction we want to accomplish. By knowing the purpose, we are expected to be able to set the pace effectively and efficiently in achieving that purposes.

“This time, Adinurani is deliberately designed to prioritize collegiality value to achieve the success as stated in the event theme. The importance of self-identity and moving forward to the purpose are the main focus of the Adinurani this time,” said Robin as chairman of the Adinurani committee. Unlike the previous Adinurani, Adinurani this time is designed and delivered into a more professional event. In addition to the seminars and outbound activities, participants were also given the task to make their clan logo and present the meaning of the logo. The task challenges creativity and togetherness of the participants.

One Adinurani 2016 participant stated that the event gave very positive impacts and enables him to know each other’s personality. All sessions were very impressive and interesting because all of them encouraged the mutual trust and cooperation, which also aims to hone empathy toward others.

The success of the event is definitely due to the help and cooperation of the various parties. The 6th  LC Generation would like to thank you for all for the help either directly or indirectly from the various parties who have made contributions. Salute to a solid team of Ubaya postgraduate.

Adinurani 2016 participants join the outbound

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