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The Indonesian Master of Management Study Program Alliance (APMMI) is once carrying out collaboration in the form of the 2019 International Seminar of Contemporary Research on Business and Management (ISCRBM). The implementation was carried out at Universitas Indonesia MM from 26/11/2019 -29/11/2019. In addition to seminars involving lecturer and student research, an annual meeting of APMMI members was also held to plan collaborative activities in 2020. Ubaya MM is an active member of APMMI and Chair of the Ubaya MM Study Program, Dr. Werner R. Murhadi, CSA is also APMMI treasurer. APMMI for 2020 plans to carry out activities which include the BAN-PT’s 9 accreditation standards workshop activities, the assistance of the MM program in the preparation of re-accreditation, and research collaboration among MM study programs. Active collaboration between Ubaya MM and other APMMI members is expected to improve the quality of MM study programs in Indonesia.

Figure 1. Certificate of Collaboration from APMMI
Figure 2. Giving Certificate of Collaboration from APMMI
Figure 3. APMMI 2019 Annual Meeting
Figure 4. Group photo of ISCRBM 2019 participants

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