Visiting professor and international collaboration

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MM Ubaya once again carried out international activities; on August 8-12, 2022, MM Ubaya sent lecturers to deliver a public lecture session abroad at Ho Chi Minh City Open University (HCMC University), Vietnam. This time, Dr. Werner R. Murhadi delivered his thought to around 30 participants. In addition to delivering the public lecture session at HCMC Open University, he also delivered a presentation in front of businesspeople and the Indonesian Consul General in HCMC.

Besides the presentation, Ubaya also signed a partnership with eight companies in Vietnam. Symbolically represented by Adi Tedjakusuma (Ubaya Director Office of Institutional Cooperation), the signing was also witnessed by the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in HCMC, namely Mr. Agustaviano Sofjan. In his remarks, the Indonesian Consul General said that he would always support efforts to increase cooperation between G to G (Government and government), B to B (entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs), and P to P (People to People). Mr. Agustaviano Sofjan also plans to establish a sister and smart city between HCMC and Surabaya. On this occasion, 2 (two) scholarships to study at MM Ubaya were also awarded to Vietnamese students who won a Vietnamese scientific competition.

Fig 1. Dr. Werner delivers as a visiting professor in Vietnam

Fig 2. Adi Tedjakusuma is awarding Ubaya International Scholarships (left side) and congratulating the winners (right side)

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