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Dr. Werner R. Murhadi, one of the Ubaya lecturers, once again was invited to be a visiting professor at a foreign university. This time, he delivered a public lecture titled “Indonesian Economy: How it deals with the Covid-19 Pandemic” to Toyo Gauken University, Tokyo Japan students who wanted to know about Indonesia’s economic conditions during and after the delta variant wave of Covid-19. Being internationally accredited, MM Ubaya regularly organizes a faculty exchange program by inviting academics from abroad (incoming) or sending Ubaya academics (outgoing). This faculty exchange program makes MM Ubaya learns from each other and takes best practices of each university.

In his presentation, Dr. Werner said that the peak of Covid-19 in July-August was due to the long Eid holiday at the end of May 2021. During the peak of Covid-19, the government implemented the Social Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) that were different from the Lockdowns carried out by other countries. In PPKM, economic activities were divided into three sectors: critical sectors that can operate at 100% capacity, essential sectors that can operate with 50% capacity, and non-essential sectors that must work from home. The results of implementing this PPKM were the decrease in positive cases of Covid-19 while maintaining economic activities. Toyo Gauken University participants praised this PPKM practice as it was able to balance the interests of health and economic interests. In the future, MM Ubaya will encourage more lecturers to involve with this faculty exchange program so that the world community knows what is happening in Indonesia and at Ubaya. 

Figure 1. Dr. Werner R. Murhadi Public Lecture
Figure 2. Dr. Werner R. Murhadi Presentation

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