SPSS Workshop “Conquer Statistics in a Day”

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On December 8, 2018, the Leadership Club once again held a statistical workshop using SPSS software as a statistical testing tool. This event was held regularly every semester and is part of syllabus from the Research Method course, so that this event is mandatory for all participants of the course. Located in the EC 2.3 computer laboratory, the event began with an opening prayer and remarks by the President of LC 11, and the introduction of trainers. The trainer this time was Mr. Andhy Setyawan S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Cand.), a Department of Management lecturer who loves statistics.

Before entering the material, he explained in advance the differences between qualitative and quantitative research to get a correct understanding of how the two research works. Many students are afraid to take quantitative research for fear of facing statistics, so Mr. Andhy provided motivation and enlightenment that current statistics are very easy to do because there is software that can easily be operated. “Testing the statistics is just a matter of clicking on SPSS,” he said. At this workshop, Mr. Andhy prepared 7 case studies which included various statistical tests commonly used in various business studies. Given that many students are still not familiar with SPSS, Mr. Andhy patiently guides each step in statistical testing using the software, assisted by the training modules he has provided.

The first case study was the Milky UHT case, which discussed evaluation of taste variants and comparison of sales between regions, relationships between regions and taste variants using ANNOVA. The second to fifth cases were Smiling Face, YLKI, Pithik Echo, and ETT that discussed the effect of causation using t-tests and linear regression with various scenarios. The sixth case was HCS which discussed how HCS affects consumer acceptance using logistic regression. 

The seventh case was vivanews.com which discussed the positioning of the news portal among its competitors by using attribute variables based on consumer perceptions. At the end of the session, Mr. Andi also gave motivation to the participants to try again what they had learned at this event. The session was closed with a group photo.

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